Leaders of today often spread hatred among various communities in order to project themselves as a champion of a particular community. This is a very dangerous situation. Leaders are people who have the capability to galvanize people for some specific purpose. If the purpose is constructive, it goes on to create a just society where people live in harmony but if the leaders have some sinister motives then it would bring mayhem in the society. So today, it is very imperative that ethical leadership should be promoted.

Let us understand what actually ethical leadership is. Ethical leadership is about having certain standards and principles. Here a leader just does not lead but he always monitors his activity seeing whether he is keeping up the standards or is he deviating from the set standards. He is ready to suffer loss but he is not ready to compromise with his principles. Today it is very much required in the corporate world. Today companies hide their actual financial position to lure the investors. So it is imperative that ethical leadership should gain momentum in the corporate world.

Communication should not just serve as a means for conveying a message but the communication should be ethical also. Enron of USA cheated the public by not disclosing their actual financial position. So it is important that the industriesí should always state what is right though it might be bitter. Political leadersí too should refrain from hurting the sentiments of other communities. They should promote tolerance among various communities.

Leadership also means that giving the best to the public. In business, it is not just the shareholders and customers who should be taken care of but the business should focus on entire society including the biosphere. Ethics demand that customers should get product of best quality at appropriate rate and there should be no alteration in it. Motive should not be only profit but the motive should also be to serve the customers. Corporate social responsibility is today being practiced by most of the organization. Here the companies use their capital for some social cause such as for child education, AIDS etc. It is a good practice and even the government is encouraging it.

Ethical leadership also demands that leaders, whether they are from industry or from other sectors, should have a broader outlook. They should not surround themselves with yes men and take decisions based on their advice. Leaders should have a proper succession planning wherein the other people are groomed as leaders so that they can take the charge once the incumbent departs. This prevents the void, which often creates havoc in any organization. Leaders should also occupy the office for a particular tenure after which they should voluntarily step out paving way for others. Such practices in the political as well as corporate world will help in creating a better environment where people will live together without any hatred.