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The Leadership Challenge

The world today is in dire need of a new leadership model that provides a way forward for a connected world where information and misinformation is abundant. A world where borders have been eroded by the use of technology in a manner never seen before. Today’s leaders continue to be caught up in a clash with the old school ideals and interests that serve the few and tend to divide the population along the lines of wealth, race, religion, or political ideals.

The vision of a united world in the 21st century continues to evade us, and the new generation of upcoming leaders find themselves caught up in the age-old issues that have divided our society. Progress in making the needed changes for a better leadership model has been slow, but with the critical mass of a generation hungry for change, we now have an opportunity to make an impact.

A Call To Action

This website is founded upon the belief that the new leaders of today want to make a fundamental change in the way we balance a work life and a personal life. To truly live life in a way that enlightens the soul and at the same time contributes to society in meaningful ways. A place where an open dialog and exchange of ideas on leadership is welcome and encouraged. Join the conversation so that the best of the old can be combined with the ideas of the new, and we all benefit with a way forward.

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So let’s get to it…

My name is Fred Mercado and I hope that you will join me on this journey, as I am sure that there is much we can learn from each other.


Welcome to THE NEW LEADERS website

Is The New Leaders a resource only for the young and inexperienced?

Definitely not!!! Our site is dedicated to help drive new methodologies, ways of thinking, and a resource to keep up with today’s rapidly changing society and connected world. Young and old, experienced and the novice can all learn and contribute so that collectively we can all benefit. A true leader is always learning, adapting, and recognizing the new challenges and needs we all face. Sometimes we lead, other times we follow, be we always learn along the way and become better member of society as a result.

"Leaders who do not listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say."
- Andy Stanley

How do I develop my Leadership traits?

The new leadership models for today’s age requires many skills, attributes, and knowledge about what is needed, how to fulfill the need, and to influence people to follow and participate in the solution. The first step in true leadership is understanding that leading is not just about you, but to actually be of value to those around you. Without a conviction to help and take risks for the benefit of those around you, then you are only a participant with a voice and self-motivated attitude. The characteristics of true leaders are many, but all revolve around the basic principle of action for the greater good of society. You can read about some of these prime characteristics in my totally free eBook at www.TheNewLeaders.com

So what is leadership in today’s world?

Leadership is one of those traits that most people have but is not always readily apparent or manifested correctly. Leadership goes beyond just having a position, as this is many times given or earned by following steps and rules. When a real leader is in our midst it is almost immediately recognizable, even with no apparent authority given or delegated. They stand out by the way they speak, they act, their sense of purpose and drive. They inspire people to follow without being imposing or condescending.

"Simply remember that no matter what your position within any organization and no matter how old you are or where you live throughout the world, you have the power to show leadership. And no one and nothing can deny you that." – Robin Sharma

The Leadership Gap

While the world has become a smaller place due to technology and new ways of thinking, a singular leadership style will not satisfy the needs of society. A "brand new" leadership style is not likely to develop without first looking at what the leadership styles of the past have been able to contribute. After all, we cannot discount everything from the past since many great accomplishments have been achieved to get us to where we are today.

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