Leadership Authority. Being a CEO of your own company or a leader of a department is a great achievement followed by a huge responsibility. It is not only about how well you can manage your tasks and run the business. Leadership requires excellent social skills to communicate with your employees and to motivate them.

According to a Millennial survey 2016 by Deloitte, the employer is valued more when he/she understands and supports the employees. 26% of millennials said that the most important values that a business should follow are the employee satisfaction, loyalty, and fair treatment. 25% of respondents put an importance on ethics, trust, integrity, and honesty. Regarding personal values, 70% of Millennials believe that they are shared with the organisation they work for.

Following from the survey, the employee treatment is of a high importance and has a significant impact on your business. Therefore, you should be aware of what kind of social environment you are creating as a leader.


15 Ways of How Not to Kill Your Leadership Authority

Source: http://www.epossystemsguide.co.uk